Havrateg with RC: 85426 headquartered in Nigeria and United States of America, is focused on information technology, business development services, branding and advertising, entertainment, writing and publication, visual communications, educational services, media and digital marketing, trainings on tech entrepreneurship, and health informatics services.
  • Front End Programming Languages we use: Angular Vue.js, Python, HTML, CSSS and Java Script. The front end is visible to the users and majorly deals with the UI part of coding where the web servers interact with the users.
  • Back End Programming Languages we use: Java, Ru, Python, PHP, C++ and SQL. The backend development is the coding which happens at the server-side. The back end is not visible to the audience.
Email: [email protected] | Havrateg United States Whatapp:+2192493021 Havrateg Nigerian Whatsapp: 08108513394 Our Social Media Reach:
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-Website Design Development
-Android App
-Database Development
Software Development
-Fintech Projects
-Google Adsense
-Youtube Career
-Digital Marketing


-Social Media Page Management
-Article Writing
-Book Writing
-Videos and animation
-TV Commercials
-Web Commercials
-Foreign Phone Number

-School Website
-Business Website
-Result Checking Systems
-Corporate ID Cards
-Packaging & Delivery


-Bespoke Solutions
-Graphics Design
-Bulk SMS
-Mobile payment
-Master Cards
-Social Media
-Bespoke Solutions
-Graphics Design